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16 Aug

4 HACKS for busy Nurses

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Nurses are always on the move, whether during high-stress situations or when juggling multiple patients. To save time and energy, nurses often come up with tricks that they’ll happily share with their colleagues. These hacks can not only increase their comfort level and lower their stress on the job, but also improve patient safety at the same time.

Here are four hacks for busy nurses:

1. Choose the most comfortable pair of shoes

After a 12-hour shift or longer, your feet may be no stranger to pain or swelling. Comfortable shoes offer relief from foot pain and better support for your legs and back. Select shoes (such as the Timberland Renova Professional Slip-On) that are designed with anti-fatigue technology to ensure comfort when standing all day and slip-resistant outsole grips to prevent falls in wet conditions. Or to make your current shoes more comfortable, you could purchase insoles or inserts made of foam or gel to help with shock absorption. The "Nerdy Nurse" also has some great tips on selecting the best shoes for Nurses.

2. Carry a medical reference book in your medical bag

Whether you know everything needed to perform your job or need to review a thing or two, a medical reference book could come in handy. Carry a reference book or guide on basic medical or training information, including which drugs are needed depending on the patient emergency or situation, in your medical bag at all times in case you need to review items quickly. Here are some popular medical reference books for you to select from.

3. Upgrade equipment/products to reduce injury and increase patient safety

Nurses have the option of equipment that makes everyday tasks like patient handling easier, such as the SWIFT ULTRASLIDE system. This patient handling system is convenient for nurses because unlike other products, it’s not a bulky piece of equipment that requires storage as it stays on patient beds, increasing staff compliance for facilities with no-lift policies. Not only is it more convenient, it lowers the risk of musculoskeletal injuries typically linked to patient lifting and handling. Patients benefit from the added comfort provided by this patient handling system because of its breathable material that prevents moisture build-up. 

Swift UltraSlide Repositioning System White paper

4. Place peppermint oil in your mask

Nurses have to face some smelly situations, so a more pleasant odor like peppermint can lessen the discomfort. Plan ahead and put some drops of peppermint oil in your mask to avoid breathing in bad odors. You can also place a little Vicks VapoRub ointment under your nose or wear two masks if you feel one is not enough to prevent odors.


With nurses working long hours, these tips boost safety and comfort to make their lives and patients' lives easier. See also some of the Reasons why Nurses & Staff get injured on the job.


Written by Melanie Watier
Global Brand Manager at MIP Inc.
Categories: Patient/Resident Care, Staff Safety, patient repositioning

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