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27 Apr

1 year later: Isolation Gown Perception Audit

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It’s been over a year since our world has changed. We have all adapted to overcome the many challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has forced upon us, both at home and at work. Through the many struggles we’ve faced, we’ve seen frontline workers become the heroes of our communities, selflessly working around the clock to ensure the health of our loved ones was tended to in these unprecedented times. 

With infection prevention and the need for protecting caregivers and care recipients a vital focus throughout the pandemic, the use of PPE equipment and supplies became a hot button issue. To better understand the impact this had on frontline workers, we decided to reach out directly to some of these tireless heroes and get a better sense of how they perceived the PPE supplies they were using (specifically Isolation Gowns). 


What did these workers have to say in regards to their perceptions of reusable vs. disposable gowns? Did the pandemic shift the judgment of health practices to recognize reusable garments as a viable alternative to disposable PPE?


Here is what we heard:



For the Full Perception Audit Report: 

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MIP offers a reusable solution that helps protect caregivers and the environment.

MIP's reusable isolation gown, made of fabric that meets Level 2 standards, offers cost savings, reduces your environmental footprint, and ensures patient and caregiver safety in situations involving low levels of fluid or low-risk sprays. 


The protection, comfort, and durability provided by MIP's isolation gown are just a few reasons why it is the preferred choice of healthcare workers!


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