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17 Apr

Professional Development at MIP - CLLM Training

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Continuous professional development for our employees and the members of the industries in which we operate is one of MIP’s dominant beliefs and is intrinsically tied to our corporate values. Whether supporting certification initiatives with the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) or supporting laundry focused initiatives via the Association for Linen Management (ALM) we believe that education, collaboration, and best practices are key to creating a more productive, safe and fulfilling work place while continuously raising the bar and improving the healthcare environment. 



MIP recently had the pleasure of hosting a Certified Laundry and Linen Management (CLLM) course in Montreal for both internal and external colleagues throughout North America. Some new (er) employees were taught to decipher the laundry lingo, understand our customers’ businesses, and perhaps most importantly, listen to and learn from key industry leaders in an intimate setting. Our customers had the opportunity to interact with and share experiences with their peers, discuss their realities and possibilities to grow their success, and uncover new avenues to further service their customers. By learning new skills and tools to continue best practice implementation in laundries and health systems, and networking in a friendly, collaborative space, we continue to collectively strengthen our positive impact on our communities.


Gica Suciu, Quality Control Specialist from Mohawk Laundry, told us:
It’s been a great experience for me and it will definitely benefit me tremendously in the future.


Jacqueline Edwards, Provincial Linen Services Linen Leader for 3S Health, told us:
It was a really good learning opportunity to understand so many key areas of laundry and linen management that occur each day. With the learning I have a better understanding of how to help my customers.”


Thank you to all who came to Montreal and participated in this intensive, fun, and rewarding session. Congratulations on your tremendous efforts and successful certification!


If you are interested in finding out more about MIP educational events, please contact Nir Guzinski at nguzinski@mip.ca

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