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11 Nov

TEXTILES THAT HEAL - The future of Health Care Textiles and Their Effect on the Patient Experience

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As we observe the latest trends in health care, two of those trends are glaringly prevalent: our growing concern over infection and cross-contamination, as well as our renewed interest in the greening of our industry. And these two trends are the fruits of an over-encompassing trend: The greying demographics.

Our planet has never had to handle so many individuals, but even more so, never has there been such a large percentage of individuals 65 years or older. This affects all geographical markets differently, at varying degrees, but most are developing towards a similar result. It is estimated that by 2030, 55 countries may see their elderly population represent a fifth of their total population. For a country like Japan, it is estimated that percentage could climb as high as 40 percent of their total population. [...]

To read the entire article, which was featured in EXPOLRE (Winter 2015 edition), the official quarterly magazine of the Association for the Healthcare Environment, CLICK HERE

Written by Gabriel Boardman, VP Marketing and Producut Management, at MIP Inc.

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