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22 Sep

How we contribute to a healthier environment.

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Since it started in 1977, MIP has constantly kept environmental issues top of mind. The green of our various logos over the years carried that message.

For the past 20 years, MIP has stayed ahead of the curve by ensuring that any material we use does not contain any hazardous components. Lead, Cadmium, Mercury, and other heavy metals have been on the list of ‘’most unwanted’’ for several years, with Phthalates recently added to the list. Through yearly independent certifications (Oeko-tex), MIP ensures that its products do not contain anything that could be harmful to the environment or to the users of its products. Overflowing landfills are still a concern for all of us at MIP. By educating the healthcare community on the benefits of reusables and their positive impact on the environment, we believe we can play a significant role in reducing our environmental footprint across all the geographies we serve. What has made us more convinced, and convincing, is that we are not only proposing an ecological philosophy, but we are also proposing alternatives that are process and cost efficient! We want our customers to save the environment and save money!


One of the most prominent debates the healthcare industry has on a daily basis is: reusables vs. disposables. MIP has always been a strong advocate for reusables and its positive impact on the environment. We have been recognized as such by multiple key industry organizations (ARTA, IAHTM, TRSA, ALM, etc.) as guest speakers and even as board members. We continue promoting our position across various platforms, including social media (example: The impact of disposable isolation gowns on our environment https://youtu.be/bEK_dPxndWM)


Find out more about our environmentally friendly initiatives, and all of our healthcare textile solutions,


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